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Barry and Roger created over 15 high converting webinars covering at 10%+ for an array of affiliates
Product range from $497-$1,997
Products provide social media lead generation,  eCommerce, viral marketing and make money from home solutions for online and offline marketers.
Some of our Leader Stats
Made over $100,000 with Damien Zamora
Made over $100,000 with Precious Ng
Made over $100,000 with Andrew Darious
Coverted at 15% @ $897 with Neil Napier
Coverted at 13% @ $1,997 with Harlan Kilstein
Converted at 20% @ $697 with Russell Brunson
Converted at 15% @$997 with Jay Boyer
Special Relationships*
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Have an idea for a product but no resources to make it happen?

Partner with Barry and Roger to build the product of your dreams using our development, graphics, and marketing teams.  Speak to our affiliate manager for more details!

Get Paid 70% of your commission within 7 days of the webinar and the rest 30 days later!

Get Paid Higher for all sales on all webinars you directly promote!


                 (Converted 18.2% @ $897)

Auto Pilot Lead  is our automated chat agent solution that customers place on their websites to significantly reduce visitor abandonment. Simply create the script of questions for the agent to ask every visitor in effort for them to leave their contact information for follow up.





Are you ready to start Crushing it?

Double Click to edit this textThe system is designed to intelligently understand visitor responses and answer accordingly, either as a response to the agent question or if the customer interjects with a query. Additional features, such as agent rotation, keyword triggers and rotational response cycles, provides a real life experience for site visitors.

This enables websites to retain 80% more of their website traffic and turn them in to hot leads.

                 (Converted 18.2% @ $997)

Looking to break in to e-commerce but don't have a what to sell?  A marketingangle? A list?


   (Converted 12.1% @ $1,297)


Give away FREE ADVERSING on top publishers* to ANY BUSINESS* and get 4.5% on every IN-STORE SALE generated by that advertising FOR LIFE


Online to offline attribution is a 1 trillion $ problem no-one has cracked. When offline businesses market online, they can't attribute the marketing efforts to actual purchases creating a mistrust, and disbelief in online marketing services.

 With uCard we are finally closing that loop using a unique technology (Cardlinx), that connects consumers’ credit-cards to online offers (Card Linked Offers) finally unleashing the BIGGEST, NEVER BEFORE POSSIBLE


                 (Converted 16.5% @ $897)

Welcome to Amafy! Using our proprietary software, get the hottest products showcased on manufacturer priced leaders like Ali Express and sell them for top ticket Amazon prices or more. 


Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up, build, and maintain a successful ecommerce business from opening an engaging Shopify store, populating it with killer products, using FB ads to increase traffic to your site and specially market to your target audience, and then create an attractive bundle to sell FBA on Amazon, maximizing your ecommerce potential on the two hottest platforms out there! Take the ecommerce world by storm with our proprietary tools and training.

     Azon GoldRush
                 (Converted 18.2% @ $997)

         Scrap everything you know about Amazon!


The old tricks and leading algorithms are dead! We have teamed up with the $2 million dollar PER MONTH women who has conquered the jungle of Amazon, by doing it the right way, the way Amazon tells you to do it.

Take the leader of the  industry and a $5,000 technology BIG RED and start making 6 figures like never before. 

SEO + Amazon + Millionaire + BIG RED

    SMS AutoPilot Rescue 
(Converted 18.7% @ $797)

In today's e-commerce world, businesses are doomed if they can't increase convertions. 

SAR is a program that offers an automated application in your Shopify store to create extra conversions from abandoned carts via the most powerful method of reaching out - SMS's. In addition, we offer the ability to resell the SMS Autopilot Rescue system to other Shopify owners, therefore giving you not only the ability to convert your store traffic at a much higher rate, but also allowing you to make money with the system by offering to others. It's simple, automated, and doesn't include ongoing fees aside from refilling credits for the SMS's, which are offered at one rate to all international destinations.

                 (Converted 20.3% @ $997)

 Have you ever heard about the potential in e-commerce, But still not figured out how to cashj in like all other people you hear that make millions? Here's your chance


 What if you had a tool that would allow you to see all the information you could possibly need about a product, including product info, images, videos, creatives, and even competitors' ads? What if you had an amazing way to make your store look professional and unique for very minimal investment, so potential customers won't doubt your business and will buy right way? AND what if you had a FB method that allowed you to spend minimal funds on testing and then find your perfect audience for your product to retarget to using specially created videos that will convert at insane rates? Sounds like a dream, and now you can get it too! 

Google Time Machine                 (Converted 19.8% @ $697)

Do you long for 2010 where Google AdWords were Cheap, and Making from Money from Google was easy?


Imagine going back in time to 2010 and making a killing on AdWords. Google Time Machine will introduce you to the Google Shopping network, The best, easiest, and best kept secret traffic course for ecommerce.

Matthew S. Mintz - Affiliate Manager

Connect with me:


Skype: matt1mintz


   Instant Promo Trigger 
   (Converted 19.7% @ $697)

Looking to break in to the e-commerce market but don't have a business idea? A marketing angle? A list?


Introducing Instant Promo Trigger, for the first time in the market, grab proven to convert templates, and learn of the tricks of making money on giving away FREE stuff, yes making money on FREE products!

Leverage the power of Instagram and create instant followers who want what you have.


We shall be showing customers how to learn industry leading strategies by harnessing the wisdom of currently operating ecommerce shops. Using our proprietary tool, we can by searching keywords, deliver to you the top performing shops. Learn what is working and then copy it to your own online store to share in the success.