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The RS Team has created over 15 high converting webinars converting  at 10%+ for an array of affiliates
Product range from $497-$1,997
Products provide social media lead generation,  eCommerce, viral marketing and make money from home solutions for online and offline marketers.
Some of our Leader Stats
Made over $100,000 with Damien Zamora
Made over $100,000 with Precious Ng
Made over $100,000 with Andrew Darious
Coverted at 15% @ $897 with Neil Napier
Coverted at 13% @ $1,997 with Harlan Kilstein
Converted at 20% @ $697 with Russell Brunson
Converted at 15% @$997 with Jay Boyer
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Partner with The RS Team to build the product of your dreams using our development, graphics, and marketing teams.  Speak to our affiliate manager for more details!

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MAT-Massive Amazon Traffic        (Converted 45.6% @  Funnel: Video to free training -> $1 offer -> 1st day in members area for free, then they get charged 97 x2 over 2 days  + 97$ upsell in the funnel)

Did you know Amazon has hundreds of thousands of credit cards on file? How would you feel if you could not only sell on their platform to those credit card holders but also use it to promote your offers on other platforms as well to those same credit card holders? Tammy, our Amazon expert, has done it again, and is here to teach you a brand new traffic method to do just that with very little work, little hassle, but tons of potential reward! Find out how to use this amazing source of traffic while barely anyone else is doing it!




Are you ready to start Crushing it?

                 (Converted 16.8% @ $997)

Looking to generate a massive traffic asset, sending hoards of buyers to your offer and even turning your traffic into long-term?


   (Converted 12.1% @ $1,297)


Give away FREE ADVERSING on top publishers* to ANY BUSINESS* and get 4.5% on every IN-STORE SALE generated by that advertising FOR LIFE


Online to offline attribution is a 1 trillion $ problem no-one has cracked. When offline businesses market online, they can't attribute the marketing efforts to actual purchases creating a mistrust, and disbelief in online marketing services.

 With uCard we are finally closing that loop using a unique technology (Cardlinx), that connects consumers’ credit-cards to online offers (Card Linked Offers) finally unleashing the BIGGEST, NEVER BEFORE POSSIBLE


                 (Converted 16.5% @ $897)

After years of experience providing professional programs and software’s that give step by step information on how to find the best products to sell, use an optimized theme and store set-up, and follow step by step methods with FB ads to get great traction, how is it that people are still failing with ecommerce?


With all the added steps required to get meaningful conversions, we have found the number one reason holding people back - overwhelm! With all the apps out there, there are solutions, though they often cost a ton of money and don't necessarily integrate easily, if at all. That is, not until today. Meet MOE - Marketing Optimization Explosion - allowing you to build incredible audiences, engage them with massive email and social media lists, and transform your store into an automated sales machine! With MOE, you get a landing page machine, sales machine, retargeting machine, engagement machine, and traffic getting machine all in one system, and all on autopilot!

PAT-Products & Traffic Extreme (Converted 18.2% @ $997)

What is the number one problem ecommerce marketers have?


Product - finding the right products, hot and in demand, good quality, amazing profit margin, and local suppliers providing best pricing and fastest shipping, giving you HAPPY customers likely to return. But, how do you find those products? How do you find those suppliers? How do you create a relationship with them and get them to dropship for you? Then once you have the products, how can you best use multiple platforms to blow up your traffic and get the best conversions? Today, you can find all of this out. Meet Product and Traffic Extreme!

    SMS AutoPilot Rescue 
(Converted 18.7% @ $797)

In today's e-commerce world, businesses are doomed if they can't increase convertions. 

SAR is a program that offers an automated application in your Shopify store to create extra conversions from abandoned carts via the most powerful method of reaching out - SMS's. In addition, we offer the ability to resell the SMS Autopilot Rescue system to other Shopify owners, therefore giving you not only the ability to convert your store traffic at a much higher rate, but also allowing you to make money with the system by offering to others. It's simple, automated, and doesn't include ongoing fees aside from refilling credits for the SMS's, which are offered at one rate to all international destinations.

Have lemons ever forced you to make lemonade? What if you can make tons of money with that lemonade? Well that's exactly what Amber did. A single mother with an urgent need to turn things around, Amber built her first successful ecommerce store and then applied her simple steps time and time again to create several successful six figure stores without an insane amount of hard work. Now you too can learn Amber's KISS method - Keep It Stupid Simple - to create your successful six-figure store.

Google Time Machine                 (Converted 19.8% @ $697)

Do you long for 2010 where Google AdWords were Cheap, and Making from Money from Google was easy?


Imagine going back in time to 2010 and making a killing on AdWords. Google Time Machine will introduce you to the Google Shopping network, The best, easiest, and best kept secret traffic course for ecommerce.

Matthew S. Mintz - Affiliate Manager

Connect with me:


Skype: matt1mintz


K.A.T. Instagram Sales System                 (Converted 15.7% @ $997)

Have you ever heard of influencer marketing on Instagram and how people with great crowds perfect for your product could send traffic to your offer for a small fee?


What if you could get all of those sure thing buyers to your site without paying for anything? Instagram is an ever-growing platform of ready buyers just waiting for the right offer. Amber is ready to teach you these methods of getting HOT buyers to your offer, and to teach you the newest Instagram trick in the book - selling directly on their platform with just a quick click on the picture, thanks to a new Shopify integration just released. If you want the hottest and newest potential in the ecommerce world, now's your chance to learn it!

Want a way to find products that are hot and trending? Nervous about FB being your only method of traffic with all its changes and rules? Look no further. PIE Machine uses the ever growing Pinterest platform to find you HOT products pinned by people LOOKING to buy them, to bring you free and low-cost traffic to your offer, and teaches you new methods of how to join groups that will help you sell your products as well. Get involved in using the platform of planners with PIE machine!

Lazy Canvas
       (Converted 17.5% @ $897)

In today's e-commerce world, businesses are committing suicide if they cannot find new markets to sell.

Lazy Canvas is the gateway to getting into niche markets in e-commerce. Using the Canvas Art niche as our case study, We teach in great detail how to making a killing with Art, leveraging Google, Esty, Pinterest, and Facebook ads, This is a course you do not want to miss.

HIT-High Ticket Ecom Explosion
       (Converted 15.8% @ $1297)

Do you wish you were able to scale up your e-commerce business sale high end products? 

Get Jared's winning funnels, which you can copy and paste to make a fortune in high ticket ecom sales so you can make x10 more, while working x10 less and with x10 less hassles!

       (Converted 12.3% @ $1297)

Online Heath Check Scan Lead-Gen Magnet Tool to Have Clients Demand Your Services
The $5.1Tr Healthcare marketing market has been disrupted by the government regulation, forcing doctors to pay you anywhere from $9492 - $66,444 year to keep their online marketing and reputation in good standing. How can that be?

Healthcare providers are being challenged by a) a disruptive search market, with voice search requiring them to have rich information everywhere all the time, b) US government HIPAA compliant regulation puts them in danger of being fines (up to $1M) or being prosecuted if they even answer a review post in manger that doesn’t meet the HIPAA regulation.
Get all healthcare providers the best reputation, done for them (and for you), with one of the only HIPAA compliant content and reputation team (and software) in the market
Go after super lucrative and desperate market, currently is a very disruptive situation you can capitalize on heavily without breaking a sweat.
This program includes 3 world leading tech-partners, a built in lead engine (that only the biggest companies have), all done for you.

                  (Converted 16.7% @ $997)

If you've ever heard of SEO (search engine optimization), you've probably heard about how important it can be for a company to get business, but also how expensive the services are with no guarantee they'll work and with long time commitments.


While big companies can manage these fees to get their name up there on searches on Google, what about the little guy? Introducing the ultimate in SEO packages - pay per result ONLY - meaning you only pay if you are getting ranked on the first page of Google. If you could offer a deal like this at a very reasonable price to the little guys, don't you think local businesses would be jumping at the offer? Now, Umbrella is teaming up with you to resell this amazing SEO package to local businesses, leaving you a tremendous opportunity to bring in a ton of recurring money with little to no work and an irresistible offer which will have businesses knocking at your door to sign up.

                  (Converted 17.1% @ $997)

Do you know of local businesses looking to advertise their services but just unable to afford all the costs of advertising where it really counts?

Studies show that magazine and TV ads are second to none for local businesses, but how can the small fish compete with all the conglomerates and large companies out there who can afford ever-growing ad prices? Enter Adverator. Adverator works as an agent for local businesses, getting them ads in the TOP magazines of their niche, and creating continuing relationships for local businesses with these top opportunity ad platforms at reasonable and affordable prices. Adverator is looking for agents to sell their service, and here's where you come in - the chance of a lifetime to sell Adverator's amazing services, do none of the work, and get a huge chunk of the profits. Umbrella presents uMedia - the chance to learn how to sell Adverator's services, providing you with leads to sell them to, the methods to lure them in, and the profits to make it all more than worth it.

                 (Converted 20.3% @ $997)

 Have you ever heard about the potential in e-commerce, But still not figured out how to cashj in like all other people you hear that make millions? Here's your chance


 What if you had a tool that would allow you to see all the information you could possibly need about a product, including product info, images, videos, creatives, and even competitors' ads? What if you had an amazing way to make your store look professional and unique for very minimal investment, so potential customers won't doubt your business and will buy right way? AND what if you had a FB method that allowed you to spend minimal funds on testing and then find your perfect audience for your product to retarget to using specially created videos that will convert at insane rates? Sounds like a dream, and now you can get it too! 

  (Converted 38.7% @  Funnel: Video to free training -> $1 offer -> 1st day in members area for free, then they get charged 97 x2 over 2 days  + 97$ upsell in the funnel)