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The RS Team has created over 15 high converting webinars converting  at 10%+ for an array of affiliates
Product range from $497-$1,997
Products provide social media lead generation,  eCommerce, viral marketing and make money from home solutions for online and offline marketers.
Some of our Leader Stats
Made over $100,000 with Damien Zamora
Made over $100,000 with Mike Filsaime
Made over $100,000 with Mark Ling
Made a $1/4 Million  with Adrian Morrison
Made over $100,000 with Precious Ng
Made over $100,000 with Paul O'Mahony
Made over $100,000 with Justin Atlan
Made over $100,000 with Andrew Darius
Converted at 30% @ $1397 with Aiden Booth 
Converted at 35% @$497 with Adam Short
Converted at 15% @ $897 with Neil Napier
Converted at 13% @ $1,997 with Harlan Kilstein
Converted at 20% @ $697 with Russell Brunson
Converted at 15% @$997 with Jay Boyer
Special Relationships*
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Have an idea for a product but no resources to make it happen?

Partner with The RS Team to build the product of your dreams using our development, graphics, and marketing teams.  Speak to our affiliate manager for more details!

Get Paid 70% of your commission within 7 days of the webinar and the rest 30 days later!

Get Paid Higher for all sales on all webinars you directly promote!


Big Ticket Affiliate
        (Converted 20.6% @ 1397)

Big Ticket Affiliate puts your leads into a tech-laden, top marketer-led funnel using industry-leading technology, integrations, and teams to drive conversions. Voicemail drops, timed email reminders, SMS, and other elements are used to ramp up show-up rates. Top-converting, high-ticket webinars with the live environment, sales, and support assistance provide sale-ability unmatched in affiliate marketing. Integrations, copy, design, product, support...all done for you. Traffic training and list building round out this offer  making joining BTA a no-brainer.


Are you ready to start Crushing it?
   (Converted 17.5% @ $697)

Imagine you had a list of a 150M opt-in emails,  Imagine you can do any kind of INSANE targeting (700+ parameters) to that list - For example - 'people who are 35+yo with 2 kids and own an SUV during 2008-2012, and make 70K+ and leave 25 mile around a specific zip'Or go after people who have a specific household income, a certain size mortgage, own a specific car model, have a specific number of kids, of a specific denomination, own a boat, like gambling, have migraines, any basically almost any targeting you can think of.

Businesses around the world need to make their websites accessible to disabled people or face large fines and lawsuits. In the US for example, the Supreme Court ruled that all sites must be compliant under the American with Disabilities Act or face fines of up to $150K, not including private lawsuits. This is a mega trend affecting 100M+ business websites (23M in the US), and it's happening now! Businesses have no choice but to make their websites compliant, but the process can be expensive and daunting.  With uEuqal members will be able to offer the world's leading AI Widget to provide 95% compliance to any business with one line of code. This is an affordable solution retailing at $50-$250/mo and members make around 70% margins! 

Big Ticket Agency 
(Converted 15.4% @ $997)

Webinars are the most powerful sales tool across a multitude of industries.

But doing webinars is a time and resource-intensive process often without any results.


With Big Ticket Agency, you are all but assured to be able to produce killer webinars for yourself and your clients;

from webinar construction training to webinar hot tips from industry leaders, to the ability to use the most powerful webinar automation tool on the planet- and sell it to your clients, after Big Ticket Agency, webinars will never be the same.

Matthew S. Mintz - Affiliate Manager

Connect with me:

Skype: matt1mintz


Telegram: @matthewmintz

How can that be?

  The Real Estate Agents market is Exploding…

“Real Estate Agents Target Record $100 Billion as Home Sales Boom” Source: Bloomberg

However, the situation is only pink for 5% of the 3M Agents in the US...
“Selling a home has likely never been easier, and while that may sound like great news for real estate agents, there is a problem: The are desperate to find listings.” Source: CNBC

The big players (Zillow,, etc.) have shifted to working with the leading Agents only on a rev-share structure, starving the rest of the market for leads. This opened up a massive opportunity for us.

Umbrella has partnered with the GURU (in the full sense of the word) of Real Estate Leads who is looking to partner with Umbrella members on his new venture.

Bay 100 Players
       (Converted 15.8% @ $1397)

Really Successful is excited to present the ultimate eCommerce scale dropshipping system. Learn from world-class drop-shippers, including the founder of the number 1 eBay research tool on the market. Quickly identifies high-demand, high margin products available for dropshipping from multiple suppliers. With a built-in eBay comparison tool to immediately calculate profits, locate dropshippers, and find a cheaper source for products, to advanced ebay scale tactics, dropshipping hacks, Shopify + FB scale tactics (only using winners), live Q & As, and much, much more, dropshipping has never been easier- for beginners and expert dropshippers alike.

  (Converted 28.8% @  $497



                 (Converted 18.9% @ $997)

Are you looking for an opportunity that requires no spending on traffic or products? To find eCom winners and replicate their magic?


Now you can! With our groundbreaking research software, automation tools, and 5 star training and support, we will teach you what it takes to become an eBay winner!

                  (Converted 16.7% @ $997)

If you've ever heard of SEO (search engine optimization), you've probably heard about how important it can be for a company to get business, but also how expensive the services are with no guarantee they'll work and with long time commitments.


While big companies can manage these fees to get their name up there on searches on Google, what about the little guy? Introducing the ultimate in SEO packages - pay per result ONLY - meaning you only pay if you are getting ranked on the first page of Google. If you could offer a deal like this at a very reasonable price to the little guys, don't you think local businesses would be jumping at the offer? Now, Umbrella is teaming up with you to resell this amazing SEO package to local businesses, leaving you a tremendous opportunity to bring in a ton of recurring money with little to no work and an irresistible offer which will have businesses knocking at your door to sign up.

Everyone agrees the money is in THE EMAIL LIST.

Email lists return $32 ROI for every $1 invested in them, and 81% of businesses use it as their top ROI solution. The key is to send the right offer to the right people - i.e. TARGETING. In fact marketers who use highly target segmentation see 760% better results! But how can you target anonymous users?

Join us and we will share

Amazing email marketing technology to get into 150m mailboxes with laser focused targeting which you wouldn’t believe ,REAL case studies of 20+ campaigns and their results, including conversion states and how much money they made!  If you’re in digital marketing, eCommerce, affiliation or doing anything in online marketing, this is a must for you.

Please Fill Out the Form and join our our Affiliate Program Today

S.A.S. is the ultimate affiliate marketing system. With hands on training from marketers responsible for $10 million dollar funnels, step-by-step walkthroughs on finding offers to promote and the manner to do so, and insider training on unleashing the full power of industry-disrupting Groove Funnels, SAS will allow you to promote the best offers with no spend.

SAS Affiliate   (Converted 32.7% @  $497

$100Bn industry flipped on its head,  
creating an unparalleled opportunity
for world expert, that wants to partner with you

The best affiliate & reseller program ever.
50% for sending links.
80% for Reselling

This market is red hot right now!

PackMan Profits (Converted 31.2% @ $497)

Please Reach Out after you have submitted the form

MBC: Mad Bills 30 Day Challenge (Converted 35.4% @ $497)

Mad Bill Crosby puts his decades of experience building and selling successful businesses and systems to our members benefit; He created a 30 day challenge for our members to achieve results similar to those of his teenage son- turning incredible research into an easy to follow step by step system which can help explode members ebay accounts- even for newbies!

Mad Bill Crosby puts his decades of experience building and selling successful businesses and systems to our members benefit; He created challenge for our members to achieve results similar to those of his lazy, teenage son- turning incredible research into an easy to follow step by step system which can help explode members ebay accounts- even for newbies! Billions of dollars of research combined with the ultimate eBay tool makes this program unstoppable with non-stop guaranteed ebay winners.

eZBay   (Converted 12.7% @  $1497

Mad Bill Crosby is excited to present his seminal creation of the ultimate Omni Channel  eCommerce research and dropshipping tool. Bill's experience as a seasoned systems creator and top eBay seller lead him to the realization that a much simpler tool than exists is needed- one that cuts through the red tape and quickly identifies high-demand, high margin products available for dropshipping from reputable sellers. With a built-in eBay comparison tool to immediately calculate profits, locate dropshippers, and find a cheaper source for products, to native integrations with Shopify, Esty, Wal-Mart, (Soon Amazon),   Google Shopping etc…, Bill's system allows anyone the possibility to become a thriving dropshipper within 30 days.

Productify  (Converted 31.2 % @  $497

Giveaway a 50% compliant widget for Free to unlimited businesses for an easy conversation starter, who can beat that?  On TOP OF THAT...offer 100% compliant with a $1M warranty Premium service to larger businesses that desperately need it. The 100% compliant solution retails for $10K-$50K and members make 20% while all Sales and Fulfillment are 100% done for them! Yes, we'll do the high end sales for you with a $50K closer who sold to Coca Cola, Zara, Caterpillar, Avis, and other leading brands.

Building off the incredible successes our members have seen with Facebook Marketplace, Barry and Rachael are proud to present Explosify: The Simple Way to Explode Your Facebook Store From Scratch. With Facebook's expansion of Shops, allowing for ZERO seller, listing, or store fees until June 2022, along with insane traffic to the new Shops, this is a window not to be missed. With a Mastermind focused on turning your new Shop into a winner, Inner Circle with Handholding, 2 days live scaling event, and an annual license to the best dropshipping automation software, Explosify is the best way to quickly maximize your Facebook success.

Explosify   (Converted 31.3% @  997

The dropshipping model has been transformed once and for all. 500,000 private suppliers items, US warehouses, expedited Chinese shipping (much faster than Ali), and great margins, with full Shopify integration, is enough to excite. But there's way more! For the first time, dropshipping subscription boxes, earning recurring revenues on passion products, fulfilled for you, with automated ordering and personal branding- allowing you earnings even with an ROAS as low as .5. Combined this subscription box and FB ad training from 7 figure sellers, ongoing Q & As, and special training on eBay + FBMP integration, Zenify is a no brainer for any eCommerce entrepreneur.

Zenify  (Converted 21.8% @  $997

 The largest social network in the world is fast becoming the largest marketplace- and you can position yourself to take advantage of this. Rachael's, stay-at-home-mom-turned-eCommerce-super-seller training on how to reach millions of targeted buyers and select the best products, with no spend on store/product/advertising, and with software to automate it (just about) all, Marketplace Maverick Mayhem, enables every beginner how to maximize their Facebook Marketplace opportunity- and beyond!

Marketplace Maverick Mayhem 
 (Converted 37.7% @  $497

SuperBots    (Converted 12.4% @ $997)

90% of business websites have no call to action, they don’t generate leads and certainly no sales. Even worse, and this is the lowest hanging fruit...


...There are millions of businesses who are spending a fortune on advertising and sending their traffic to these 1985
websites!Talk about flushing a whole lot of cash down the toilet!And especially in COVID times, when businesses don’t want to leave a red-cent on the table.That's where Superbots come in, with their ability to transform any site into a sale getting, lead generating, appointment setting
machine, without you lifting a finger (all done for you!). This opens 6 layers of profits to close $5K-$10K, You’ll be able to say to any business -
We’ll 2x-4x your conversions or you don’t pay a dime!